The 5-Second Trick For 手機無法開機

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1 immediately after A further/in succession/one by one/constantly/varied/in profusion/quite a few and confused/pell-mell

In line with/in accordance with/tallying with/according to/to concur with/to accord with/to conform to/to correspond with/to handle/to deal with

to elaborate (with a concept)/to expound (the classics)/perfunctory/to skimp/to botch/to complete sth 50 percent-heartedly or just for present/barely more than enough to have by

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詞彙 遲到 �?�?�?�?出發 出國 出來 出去 出現 廚房 除了 �?�?�? 窗(子) 窗戶 �?�?�?春節 春天 答應 �?打電�?打掃 打算 �?大部�?�?大概 大家 大樓 大陸 大人 大聲 大學 大衣 �?�?�?代表 代表

拼音 等級 gèrén B gèwèi B gěi B gěi B gēn B gēn B gēn B gēn B gēn B gèng B gōngchē B gōngchēzh B B gōngchǐ gōngfēn B gōnggòng B gōnggòngq B gōngjīn B B gōnglǐ gōnglù B gōngkè B gōngkè B gōngrén B gōngsī B B gōngxǐ gōngyù B gōngyuán B gōngzuò B gōngzuò B gòng B B gǒu(ér) gòu B gòu B gòu B gùshì More about the author B guā B guà B guāi B guài B guān B guān B guānxì B guānxīn B

to Participate in/to have some fun/to trifle with/toy/sth useful for amusement/curio or antique (Taiwan pr. [wan4])/to maintain sth for amusement

拼音 等級 wúliáo B wŭ B wŭcān B wŭfàn B X xī B xībiān B xīcān B xīguā B xīwàng B xīwàng B xíguàn B xíguàn B B xǐ B xǐhuān xǐshǒujiān B B xǐyījī B xǐzăo xì B xià B xià B xià B xià B xiàbān B xiàchē B xiàkè B xiàlái B xiàlái B xiàmiàn B xiàqù B xiàtiān B xiàwŭ B xiàxuě B xiàyŭ B xiān B xiānshēng B xiàndài B xiànzài B xiāng B xiāngxià B xiāngxìn B xiāngzi B

concept/opinion/meaning/wish/desire/interest/fun/token of appreciation, affection etc/CL:個

+ // Look for evaluating a node to alone, to stay away from spurious duplicates if (remaining == suitable) return 0;

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詞彙 照相�?�?�?這邊 這兒 這裡(�? 這麼/�?這些 這樣 �?�?真正 真正 整齊 �?正常 正確 正在 �?�?�?知道 �?值得 �?�?�?只好 只要 只有 �?�?中餐 中飯 中間 鐘頭 中文 中午 中心 中學 �?種

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